Complete List of Athletes with ALS

ALS is a debilitating disease characterized by progressive weakness and muscle atrophy in limbs and vital organs.  Recent research has linked the possible development of ALS with activities that have increased incidence of head trauma such as full contact athletics.  This post is an attempt to provide an unabridged list of coaches, athletes and former athletes, living or dead, that have suffered the effects of this monstrous disease.  It will be a living document that chronicles all diagnosed athletes across all types of professional, collegiate, or Olympic sports.  You are encouraged to Google, Wiki, or visit your local library to learn more about these icons and their contributions to sport.  Let their stories of strength touch your heart.


This list is very personal to me, as I am reminded of how my own father’s two and a half year ALS battle emotionally devastated my family.  This is for my Dad.


Lou Gehrig
Jun 19, 1903 – Jun 2, 1941
Professional Athlete (Baseball)


Jim “Catfish” Hunter
Apr 8, 1946 – Sep 9, 1999
Professional Athlete (Baseball)



Richard Sherman – Authentic Emotion vs Cliche Post-Game Interviews

One of the hottest topics of the next few weeks will undoubtedly be the statements made in the following video:



Shocking, right?  Richard Sherman was referring to the game-ending events in the final seconds of the NFC Championship where he tipped a pass out of the grasp of Michael Crabtree.  The pass was subsequently intercepted by Sherman’s teammate, Malcom Smith.